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There are two cemeteries within the city limits of Dawsonville, both located on Maple Street.

Dawsonville Memorial Gardens

Old City Cemetery

Dawsonville Memorial Gardens
Plot Size:  Single burial plots are 4 ½’ by 9’
Cost: $1,250 plus a $10.00 recording fee
For information or to purchase a plot contact:
Dawsonville City Hall at (706)265-3256.




Sec. 5-19. Authority of city to regulate.
(a) The mayor and council reserve to themselves and their successors in office the right to alter, amend, modify, or add to the rules, regulations, condition, and restrictions herein set forth at any time it is deemed advisable to do so in order to carry out the purposes of this article. 
(b) There shall be no liability whatsoever, whether tort or contractual, on the part of the city, its officials, officers or their successors in office, or its agents or employees to any purchaser or to the family or relatives of any person buried in the Dawsonville Memorial Gardens, or to any person or the family of such person who has erected any markers by reason of any act or acts, thing or things, omission, negligence, or otherwise relating to the cemetery. In accepting any conveyance of any burial lot, each purchaser agrees that all provisions of this article are valid and that he and his heirs and assigns shall hold such lot subject to all the provisions of this article and subject to all amendments hereto made by the mayor and city council. 

Sec. 5-20. Management and supervision.
The responsibility for the management, operation, maintenance, and general supervision of all municipal cemeteries shall be vested in the city council. 

Sec. 5-21. Advisor and superintendent of municipal cemeteries.
(a) Appointment. The mayor and city council shall appoint an advisor and superintendent of municipal cemeteries, which officer shall be subject to removal at any time by the council. 
(b) Duties. The superintendent and advisor of the Dawsonville Memorial Gardens shall look after and take proper care of all municipal cemeteries and see that no lot in any cemetery is used or occupied in violation of this article or of any rule or regulation promulgated by the mayor and council. 

Sec. 5-22. Purchase and conveyance of lots.
(a) Lot valuation. The Dawsonville Memorial Gardens shall be divided into four sections, valued per grave in the amount established in section 2-110. At least ten percent of all lot sales will be deposited into a perpetual care fund and the interest thereof shall be used for future cemetery maintenance. Such valuations shall be recorded on an official map or plan of the Dawsonville Memorial Gardens, such map shall be kept on file, open to public inspection, in the office of the city clerk. 
(b) Method of purchase. Any person desiring to purchase an easement in a particular lot or lots for the purpose for which it is intended shall be permitted to do so upon payment of the price fixed for such lot. 
(c) Manner of conveying. Conveyances of burial lots shall be executed in the name of the city by the mayor and city clerk and have affixed thereto the seal of the city. Such conveyances shall not convey fee simple title, but shall convey to the purchaser of each burial lot an easement for the exclusive right of interment and sepulcher in such lot, shall state the maximum number of graves allowed on each lot as shown by the plat, and, by reference therein made, shall convey each lot subject to all the provisions of this article as fully as if set out in each such conveyance. 
(d) Recordation of deed. At the time the city conveys any burial lot, the city clerk, in addition to collecting from the purchaser an amount sufficient to have such conveyance recorded in the superior court clerk's office, shall have such conveyance so recorded before delivery thereof to such purchaser. No sale or transfer of any such burial lot or any right therein, nor any subdividing of any burial lot by any purchaser or those claiming under him, shall be valid unless approved in writing by the city or until the deed to transfer and such written approval are recorded in the superior court clerk's office. 
(e) Sale or transfer by owner. Owners of lots shall not be permitted to sell or transfer lots without the written consent and approval of the city council. 

Sec. 5-23. Rules for interment.
No deceased person shall be interred in any municipal cemetery until the city clerk has found: 
(1) That the lot in which burial is to be made has been fully paid for;
(2) That the person arranging for such burial has the right to the use of such lot;
(3) That such lot is not used beyond its capacity; and
(4) That proper record is made of the name and age of the deceased person and of the exact location of the grave. 

Sec. 5-24. Restrictions of use.
(a) Enclosures. No curbing, fencing, or enclosure of any sort shall be erected on, in, or around any burial lot in the cemetery, but the city reserves the right to erect curbing along the walks and driveways if it so desires. 
(b) Planting. The planting of flowers and shrubs or any other effort to improve or beautify any lot within a municipal cemetery shall not be allowed by the city council. Nothing herein contained shall be construed to prohibit the decoration or adornment of any grave site with artificial or cut flowers. The relatives shall be responsible for the removal of artificial or dead flowers from grave sites. 
(c) Bronze markers. Only bronze markers will be allowed in Dawsonville Memorial Gardens. Bronze markers shall be ordered by the cemetery advisor or city clerk. No other marker shall be permitted in Dawsonville Memorial Gardens. 

Sec. 5-25. Regulations in general.
(a) Trees and shrubs. No trees or shrub shall be planted, removed, cut down, or destroyed within the borders of any burial lot, walks, or lawn spaces. 
(b) Injury to markers. It shall be unlawful for any person to remove, deface, or in any manner injure any marker or ornament thereof within any municipal cemetery. 
(c) Discharging firearms. It shall be unlawful for any person to shoot any gun, pistol, or other firearm within any municipal cemetery except at a funeral ceremony. 
(d) Depositing offensive matter. It shall be unlawful for any person to deposit on any part of any cemetery or any land adjoining it any dead carcass or any putrid or offensive matter whatever. 
(e) Disorderly conduct. It shall be unlawful for any person to conduct himself or herself in a boisterous or disorderly manner within the perimeter of any municipal cemetery. 
(f) Entering cemeteries at night. It shall be unlawful for any person to enter any municipal cemetery or walk upon or across any such cemetery between sunset and sunrise without the written consent of the city council. 
(g) Advertisements. It shall be unlawful for any person to solicit any work in a municipal cemetery. 
(h) Unauthorized interments. It shall be unlawful for any person to inter any dead body in any part of a municipal cemetery without the express authorization of the advisor of the city cemetery. 
(i) Disinterment. Disinterments shall be made only when authorized by the mayor and council and the county board of health. 

Sec. 5-26. Outer burial container.
An outer burial container that will at least support the weight of the earth above the grave shall be required for all interment in municipal cemeteries.