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Downtown Development Authority (DDA)

Our Story

The Downtown Development Authority of Dawsonville, Georgia was created by Resolution by the City Council of Dawsonville, Georgia on February 6, 1996 pursuant to O.C.G.A. §36-42-1 et seq.

Our Mission

The mission of The Downtown Development Authority is to help grow and improve the economic development in our Downtown area. This will be accomplished by promoting a pro-business climate and vision that will allow us to present a strong positive image of Dawsonville. Our goal is to have people think of Dawsonville as an exciting place to live, visit, shop, dine and of course invest. We desire to continue expanding the economic base of the town and the city’s appearance to help insure these goals.

Downtown Dawsonville

Welcome to Downtown Dawsonville. Dawsonville offers many opportunities for those wishing to start a new business adventure.

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Business Friendly Town

Dawsonville is rich with history and located in the foothills of the North Georgia mountains with all of the Atlanta conveniences.  Highway 53, which runs through the middle of the town, provides good visibility and a steady flow of traffic to support local business. Currently, there are many business opportunities for entrepreneurs interested in opening or expanding their business concepts. There are also funding avenues available for those with capital concerns. Contact “The Dawsonville Development Authority” to learn more about the possibilities and opportunities that Dawsonville has to offer.

Funding Available

The Downtown Development Revolving Loan Fund (DD RLF), from the Georgia Department of Community Affairs, is to assist cities, counties and development authorities in their efforts to revitalize and enhance downtown areas by providing below-market rate financing to fund capital projects in core historic downtown areas and adjacent historic neighborhoods where DD RLF will spur commercial redevelopment. The Dawsonville Downtown Development Authority may serve as sponsor for qualified products within the Historic Business District. Applicants must demonstrate that they have a viable downtown development project and clearly identify the proposed uses of the loan proceeds. Once approved, funds may be used for such activities as: real estate acquisition, development, redevelopment, and new construction; rehabilitation of public and private infrastructure and facilities; purchase of equipment and other assets (on a limited basis). The maximum loan is $250,000 per project. Applications will be accepted throughout the year and as loan funds are available to the Department. For more information please visit:


Learn about the last Downtown Development Authority meeting minutes and notes:

>>Meeting Minutes Information



Misti Moore, Secretary 

Term through: 2/5/2020

Keith Hudson 

Term through: 5/6/2020

Keith Stone, Chair 

Term through: 02/05/2020

Gordon Pirkle

Term through: 02/05/2020

Kevin Hammond, Treasurer

Term through: 2/5/2020


Stephen Tolson, City Council Member

District Map

DDA Downtown Development District Map