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The City of Dawsonville encourages its citizens and business owners to become engaged in government operations and provide insight and knowledge through various Authorities, Commissions & Committees. We want our Citizens to be empowered to create insightful solutions to important community issues and needs.

The members are carefully selected to meet specific needs and are appointed by the Mayor and City Council. All members must either reside or own a business in the City limits of Dawsonville.

If you are interested in local issues, present information about important questions facing the City, helping plan the community’s future, and gaining hands-on experience in City government operations please take a look at all the opportunities to serve and choose the best fit for you.

Mayor and City Council

The City officials are elected for office and serve for terms of four (4) years and until their respective successors are elected and qualified. The Mayor and 2 Council members’ on both seats shall be up for election in the alternating odd years from the other 2 Council members' on both seats.

Example: an election in 2013 will be held for the term January 1, 2014 through December 31, 2017.

Downtown Development Authority

The Downtown Development Authority shall be composed of seven (7) members created and appointed by the City Council and recognized by the State of Georgia as a public corporation with a specified set of powers and a specific purpose and mission to:

  • Revitalize and redevelop the central business district.
  • Develop and promote for the public good and general welfare, trade, commerce, industry, and employment opportunities.
  • Finance projects within the central business district that will develop and promote the public good and general welfare.
  • Issue bonds to finance projects.

Four (4) members of this board must have or represent a party who has an economic interest in the redevelopment and revitalization of the downtown development area (i.e. own or operate a business or own property). The three remaining members must reside in the City limits of Dawsonville. Members are appointed for a four-year term. The Downtown Development Authority meets as needed in Dawsonville City Hall.

Planning Commission

The Dawsonville Planning Commission meets on the third Monday of each month at Dawsonville City Hall. The meeting begins promptly at 5:00 pm The Planning Commission considers zoning ordinance amendments, zoning changes, land use changes, and special use permits. It may also be utilized to do research on other issues at the direction of Dawsonville City Council. The Planning Commission consists of five appointed members: a Chairman who is appointed by the Mayor, Vice Chairman, three regular members, and an Alternate. The Alternate is a non-voting member, unless there is an absence at a meeting.

Agendas and Minutes