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Building permits are required by city ordinance.  Prior to commencement of construction, please contact the Planning and Zoning Department to determine the applications and plans/drawings needed for submittal.

Zoning Information


City of Dawsonville Official Zoning Map
Dawsonville Historic District
Dawsonville Urban Redevelopment Plan and Map
Original City of Dawsonville Downtown Layout
Downtown Dawsonville Map Survey

Click for: City of Dawsonville Land Use and Zoning Ordinance (adopted July 19, 2004 with amendments)
The Development Regulations of the City of Dawsonville, Georgia
Dawsonville Standard Details
Historic District Design Guidelines
City of Dawsonville Comprehensive Plan 2008-2030
Dawsonville Downtown Master Plan


Permit Information

Building permits are required to erect, enlarge, alter, remove, demolish, or repair a structure in the City of Dawsonville.  This includes everything from houses and garages to commercial construction to certain types of signs.

Electrical permits are required for the installation of new electrical service equipment, existing service relocation, service upgrades as well as fixed appliances and equipment connections.

Mechanical permits are required for installation and repair of heating, ventilating, cooling, and refrigeration systems.

Plumbing permits are required for the installation, removal, alteration, or replacement of any plumbing, gas or draining pipe work, or any fixture or water heating equipment in a building or premises.

To apply for a building permit for any structural changes, or to add square footage to an existing structure, you will need to submit construction drawings, complete a building permit application form, and pay all necessary fees.  A detailed site plan may also be required.   Contact the Planning and Zoning Department for further information on permit requirements for your particular project.  Building permit fees vary according to the type of construction.  

PLEASE NOTE: Effective JULY 1, 2008 pursuant to Georgia Law OCGA 43-41 Builders and General Contractors will be required to have a contractor’s license as issued by the State of Georgia Licensing Board in order to obtain construction permits in the State of Georgia. Some limited service and traditional specialty contractors are exempt from the licensing requirements. For more information concerning licensing categories, requirements and exceptions, please contact the State Licensing Board for Residential & General Contractors at (478)207-2440 or visit 

Erosion, Sedimentation & Pollution Control Plan Checklist for Common Development (Subdivisions)
Erosion, Sedimentation & Pollution Control Plan Checklist for Stand Alone Construction Projects (< 1 acre)

Contact Information: Call (706)265-3256 Monday - Friday from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm