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Business License

The City of Dawsonville welcomes your business to our community and appreciates the opportunity to serve you.

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Occupational Tax Certificate (aka Business License)

Every business in the City limits, whether commercial or home-based, must apply for an Occupational Tax Certificate (Business License) and renew it annually. All business licenses expire December 31.

Each person who is licensed by the Secretary of State pursuant to O.C.G.A. title 43 shall provide evidence of their current and valid state licensure.

Each person who is licensed by the state shall post the state license in a conspicuous place in the licensee's place of business and shall keep the license there at all times while the license remains valid.

Business Licenses must be obtained prior to conducting business in the City limits.  Each occupational tax shall be valid for a calendar year, January 1 through December 31.  After July 1 in any given year the occupational tax due for the entire year shall be pro-rated.

Upon issuance, the Local Business License must be posted in a visible location in the business establishment.

How to Apply for a Business License

  1. All Businesses must complete the Business License Application and submit, completed and notarized (City Hall has a notary available), with payment.
  2. The Business will undergo verification of Occupational Tax (business license) as well as status of any fees or taxes due to the City.
  3. Applicants must meet business type, citizenship, zoning, location, and other requirements per local, state or federal agencies. 
  4. The completed application is reviewed by the permit department and submitted to the City Clerk for approval or denial.

Occupational Taxes for Depository Financial Institutions

An occupational tax shall be levied on depository financial institutions having an office located within the City of Dawsonville at a rate of 0.25 percent of the Georgia gross receipts, as defined by O.C.G.A. § 48-6-95, of the subject depository financial institution; provided, however, that the minimum annual occupational tax due shall be $1,000.00. Each depository financial institution shall file with the City Clerk, a return of its Georgia gross receipts by March 1 of the following year in which such gross receipts are measured in such form as prescribed by the city. The tax is due and payable at the time the return is filed or due, whichever occurs first.

Home-Based Businesses

To protect and preserve the character of residential neighborhoods, the City of Dawsonville has zoning regulations governing the operation of home-based businesses. Some neighborhoods have covenants that may have additional restrictions.

North American Industry Classification System (NAICS)

Find your NAICS code by business description

Fire and Safety Inspection

You must schedule and complete a fire and safety inspection prior to opening your business. Call the Fire Marshal at (706)344-3500 to schedule an appointment.

Food Service Establishments

A food service establishment permit is required if you are selling non pre-packaged food prior to opening your business and may be obtained from the Dawson County Health Department.  Call (706)265-2930 to schedule an appointment.

Pre-packaged foods and drinks will require a permit from the Georgia Department of Agriculture (706)265-2442.

Regulatory Fees

A regulatory fee will apply to the following non-exclusive list of businesses that operate without an office within the City limits:

Building and construction contractors, subcontractors, and workers; carnivals; taxicab and limousine operators; tattoo artists; stables; shooting galleries and firearm ranges; scrap metal processors; pawnbrokers; food service establishments; dealers in precious metals; fire arm dealers; peddlers; parking lots; nursing and personal care homes; newspaper vending boxes; modeling agencies; massage parlors; landfills; auto and motorcycle racing; boarding houses; businesses which provide appearance bonds; boxing and wrestling promoters; hotels and motels; hypnotists; handwriting analysts; health clubs, gyms and spas; fortunetellers; garbage collectors; escort services; burglar and fire alarm installers; or locksmiths.

Insurers License Fees

There is levied an annual license fee upon each insurer doing business within the city in the amount of $40.00.

The term "insurer" means a company which is authorized to transact business in any of the classes of insurance designated in O.C.G.A. § 33-3-5.


All signage requires a Sign Permit Application. Contact the Planning and Zoning Department at City Hall.


Any renovation to the building, wiring, plumbing, and heating & air requires a permit for code inspections by the building inspector.  Contact the Planning and Zoning Department at City Hall.

The Historic District Area may have additional requirements and approvals.

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